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Drawing from its expertise in construction, Hariharan Foundations has now entered the concrete industry with the production of its own brand of ready mix concrete. The company now has one fully operational commercial Batching Plant.

The Commercial RMC Plant is located at
Oragadam – Tamil Nadu (M1 Plant 60 cubic metre capacity)
The RMC Plants located at respective sites are
1) Deccan Chemicals, Tuni (2 Nos CP 30 + 1 No CP 18)
2) MRF, Perambalur (1 No CP 30 + 1 No CP 18)
3) Bheema Fine Chemicals, Kadechur (1 No M30)
4) Lyfius Pharma, Kakinada (1 No M1 Plant)
5) Bagur Logistics Parks Pvt Ltd., Hosur (1 No M 21)
6) Idle (1 No CP 30) - Tada

The plant is completely computerized and can generate specific mixes to suit the customer's requirements.

About 1,50,000 cum of concrete is produced every year in the company.

The Company's services assure customized mixes that suit the client's needs best,

swift delivery that is supported by an uninterrupted supply and excellent placement methods. We also ensure the delivery of the correct quantity of the mix for complete customer satisfaction.